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In Wayak we plan the most comprehensive and affordable tours and transportation services available. Today we invite you to discover the magic of lucha libre: the Mexican version of wrestling and one of the most famous spectator sports in the country. Book your mexican wrestling tours for groups today with us, you won't regret it.

Its origins date back to the carnival and music halls of the nineteenth century, where demonstrations of athleticism and physical prowess were common. Modern professional wrestling usually possesses acrobatic traits and includes moves from martial arts. We have the best wrestling tour in Mexico City for groups, contact us to know more.


During most of the century, promoters and wrestling participants argued that the competition was completely real. Any pretense of competition was not abandoned at the end of the decade of 1990, when the World Wrestling Federation in the US started presenting Lucha Libre as competitions too. Book your mexican wrestling tours for groups and get to know more of this sport.

Only in Mexico is it known as Lucha Libre, since the type of wrestling practiced in this country is unique. It focuses much more on wrestling and aerial wrestling. The beginning of Lucha Libre in Mexico was in 1863 and had a slight influence of Greco-Roman wrestling. In those beginnings, the confrontations were made with combinations of keys and chairs and even glass bottles were used. Come and take our wrestling in Mexico City tour, it's a show you can't miss on your next visit.

In wrestling there is always a war or confrontation between the rudos and the técnicos, that's the way they are divided. As in any sport, people are passionate and there are those who all their lives support and follow either one or the other. Discover for yourself why wrestling is the second most practiced sport in Mexico. Book your mexican wrestling tours in Mexico City today and live the experience of being in the front row at La Arena.

Professional wrestling is especially famous in Japan, the United States, and of course in Mexico. From these countries, wrestling has evolved differently, creating similar disciplines in each country. There is so much more to know, and our guides will tell you more in our wrestling in Mexico City tour for groups. Lucha Libre is fun for the whole family.

Wrestling in Mexico takes place in one of the largest venues in the city. The Arena Mexico, located in Azcapotzalco, also hosts private, cultural, sporting and convention events, among others. The Arena has a maximum capacity of 22,300 spectators. Its construction began in 2009 and it opened in 2012. This venue is considered the cathedral of Lucha Libre, without a doubt it is a must on your visit. Don't miss the opportunity to take a wrestling tour in Mexico City. 


Besides the Lucha Libre shows, in Mexico City there is a great variety of places to visit and activities to do. Surely there won't be enough time to do everything, but there is enough time to soak up the Mexican culture and traditions that are part of every place and corner of this city.

In the fall of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the city became the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, after Mexico's independence it was appointed as Distrito Federal which would house the powers of the Union. You can hear more about Distrito Federal's history with our wrestling tour for groups in Mexico and our many other transportation services.

Mexico City is the story of this country, because the most important changes in its history were lived here. Its streets are a place of greatness and Aztec heritage, as well as the influence of the Spanish, or the Porfiriato, and they all left the city with some of its most beautiful buildings.

Choose Wayak as your guide on your next trip. Enjoy safe transportation from your hotel to the airport, we have small vehicles as well as vans to transport small and large groups. Start planning your vacation today and enjoy the city with the mexican wrestling tours we have specially prepared for you.

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