A magical lake that defies time.

April 2016

Xochimilco, the magic lake that challenges the passing of time.

Arriving to Xochimilco is an incredible and unique experience, paradise in the big Mexico city.

The time goes back while you get to enjoy a tour on the ancient channels, flowers everywhere, food and music.

Flowers and colours predominate, Xochimilco honores its náhuatl name meaning: The land planted with flowers.

On the tour you get impressed that one man moves the boat with a big stick, and ancient system that last until these days, suddenly other smaller boats approach with delicious food and music to make the journey more comfortable.

Is an experience to delight all the senses.

If you go to Xochimilco , dont forget to visit:

-La Plaza de San Juan Bautista

-La Capilla de San Juan

-La Casa del Arte

-Casa de Cacique Apochquiyahuatzin

-El Mercado de Xochimilco

-La isla de las muñecas, an enigmatic place with old broken dolls, placed by the original owner Julian Santana, who though that these dolls keep away the bad spirit of a young woman who drowned years ago. The island is one hour and a half away from Embarcadero Cuemanco and near by are another great sightseens like Museo del Ajolote, Apatlaco Channels, La isla de la Llorona.

At the end you can enjoy the artesania to have a souvenir to your love ones.

Xochimilco was recognized by UNESCO as cultural human heritage since 1987.

Enjoy Wayak tour to Xochimilco, that also includes a visit to Coyoacan and Frida Kahlo Museum

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