If you need a tropical paradise, Tamarindo is the place for you! Tamarindo

If you think of a true tropical paradise, surely you will be thinking of a place like Tamarindo, which is located on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. While some of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches might be difficult to access, Tamarindo has made its roads tourist-friendly, so that all visitors can experience the beauty of this Guanacaste beach town. 

Tamarindo is one of the main beach destinations in the Guanacaste province, ideal for surfers and nature lovers as it is surrounded by protected natural areas. Tamarindo takes its name from the tamarind trees that are on the shoreline around the beach. What was once a fishing village is now one of the most popular beach areas in Guanacaste, with a large number of shops, luxury hotels and restaurants. 

Surfers love the relaxed atmosphere of the place. And beach lovers can enjoy sunlight on this beautiful part of the Pacific coast. The sea is warm and the sun is hot all year round guaranteeing an excellent environment to relax. The weather is perfect for creating beautiful sunsets and great surfing climates.

The impressive beaches are suitable for windsurfing, diving and water skiing. Children will like bodyboarding and kayaking. Don't forget to visit Las Baulas National Marine Park and the wildlife refuge during your vacation at Tamarindo beach. In the summer, even leatherback turtles can be seen nesting.

Tamarindo isn’t a great spot to visit just because of its development. It is also a wonderland of adventure and has the serenity of a tropical getaway. This is a destination for anyone that is traveling through Costa Rica, from newlyweds to families. 

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