If you like nature... this place is for you! Tortuguero

Frequently visited by tourists from around the world, the Tortuguero National Park is another important sea turtle nesting site in Costa Rica. This park is among the most important nesting areas in the western hemisphere for the endangered green turtle, the impressive Tortuguero National Park is located on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in the northeast region of the country.

Declared a national park in 1970 to protect the world's green turtle population from extinction, this park is also a wildlife sanctuary for primates, jaguars, green macaws, tapirs, and a variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Warm, humid and rainy throughout the year, the best time to visit Tortuguero National Park is February, April and November, which are the driest months. Primarily a rainforest, this park features 11 different and varied ecological habitats including coastal shrubs, swamps, and evergreen forests. The flora and fauna found here are the most diverse in the country.

Tortuguero is a region of Costa Rica where there is still much to discover. Its main attraction is its impressive biodiversity, which ensures that it gives visitors continuous bird and wildlife sightings.

Tortuguero will allow you to enjoy the magnificent experience of watching the nesting, and if you are lucky, the exit of the turtles from the nests.

Traveling to Tortuguero is discovering a different Caribbean, far  from the typical vision of crystalline beaches and coconut trees. It is entering into the purest nature to enjoy a unique experience.


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