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We invite you to book our Xochimilco English tours today; we are definitely your best choice for comprehensive tours to make your stay in Mexico as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Our shuttle routes, chauffeured vans and other transportation services will take you safely to Xochimilco, a beautiful and magical town located near CDMX.

Xochimilco's origins date back to pre-Hispanic times. Since the Mesoamerican Preclassic period its banks and islands were home to various peoples of unknown cultures. In the early Postclassic, Xochimilco was an important location that was taken by the Aztecs in the fifteenth century. Wayak's Xochimilco bilingual tours will let you know more.


During the colonial period and the early years of independence in Mexico, the territory of Xochimilco became a supplier of food for Mexico City. In the territory of Xochimilco there are fourteen cultures that retain many features of their traditional culture and indigenous heritage, despite the advancement of urbanization. Book the tour now!

Get to know one of the most emblematic places in Mexico City, Wayak gives you the best Xochimilco English tours. One of the main attractions of Xochimilco are its canals, where you can navigate aboard the well-known trajineras. If you decide to visit this beautiful place in Mexico City, you cannot miss a tour on them.

The trajineras in which you can navigate through the canals of Xochimilco are an incredible attraction for tourists. They are usually adorned with encrusted flowers and are assigned a feminine name. They can be boarded at any of the nine piers. The trajineras are a perfect excuse to spend time with family or friends while having fun with music and great food. Enjoy the best Xochimilco bilingual tours in Mexico with Wayak.

On your next visit, in addition to our Xochimilco English tours, you will have the opportunity to meet a species of amphibian exclusive to this place. We are talking about the ajolote. Its name in Nahuatl means sea monster. It is a species that is currently under protection, as it has been the target of hunting, since it is believed to have characteristics that make it therapeutic for respiratory diseases. It is a species of amphibians that you can meet on your next visit, you will be impressed with them. Choose with Wayak the best Xochimilco English tours in Mexico.

In contrast, the northern part of Xochimilco is fully integrated into the urban area of Mexico City, and in it there are industrial zones and services that are an important part of the economic life of the district. Finally, the southern mountains and the lake area in the main part make the largest nature reserve in the state. Don't miss this spot.


A chinampa is a raft frame made with logs and sticks, sometimes of considerable size, on which topsoil is settled with biodegradable materials such as grass, leaves, shells of different fruits and vegetables, etc. During your Xochimilco English tours, you will be able to stand on these marvels of pre-Colonial engineering, and see it for yourself.

The people of Xochimilco, as many other cultures in lake areas, developed navigation systems for transport and trade, usually through hollowed logs, which gradually evolved to have remarkable techniques of transportation through the basin of Mexico. There is so much to discover when you book your Xochimilco bilingual tours, we are waiting for you.

In addition to our best Xochimilco English tours, which you can enjoy during your visit to Mexico City, we invite you to choose any of our destinations. Mexico City has so much to know, to enjoy, as well as impressive and delicious dishes to try. You can't miss it all with our tours.

Get to know with Wayak the best of Mexico City, find the best places to take pictures, eat, learn about the culture and make wonderful memories. Whether you travel alone or accompanied, with our safe transportation services, we will make your stay an unforgettable time. Start planning your trip today and get to know the wonderful city of Mexico through our Xochimilco English tours. We are your best option, book today with just one click.

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