In the heights! -My balloon ride over Teotihuacan

February 2016

Enjoy a ride on the heights! My ballon journey over Teotihuacan.

That day we woke up early with many expectations about the adventure that we were about to live; we got ready with warm and comfortable clothing, as we were indicated.

We knew the place was far from where we stayed right in the Colonia Condesa in Mexico City, but Carlos the driver and the guide Pablo were very punctual and took us to the famous "globopuerto".

Upon arrival, we noticed that we were near the site of Teotihuacan and although the sun had not out yet, we were offered a coffee to warm.

They came in trucks to the place where they prepare and inflate the balloons, a real show, you cannot believe that this huge fabric is to lift or fly. The sound of a balloon that grows and grows to the beat of hot air that fills; the result a huge colorful balloon ready to soar.

¡Go up to the basket! – My heart start beating, listening to instructions and I climbed along with my friends to the balloon.

The first rays of sun came out while and we were very attentive and excited to capture all; we began to see the houses, the hills in the distance and we slowly approached the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Definitely a unique show, I have seen them a couple of times, but of course at the ground level; however this view was unique, you literally fly over them and can see its perfect form; I'll never forget that image!

In the distance, we saw other balloons with travelers greeting, not able to deny happiness and excitement. The pilot always tell us about how high we are, even though we are at the mercy of the air it shows the great skill he has to maneuver the balloon.

A dream, time flies, two hours have passed since we arrived and thousands of pictures and feelings, we prepare for landing, the pilot seeks a friendly and safe place.

On the ground, we shared the emotions about this adventure and we participate at toast the thank you ceremony. Our tour included breakfast and guided entrance to Teotihuacan, so we approached to our guide and continue our journey.

My friends and I will never forget this adventure!

It is definitely an experience I recommend to 100%

Iraiz Chilanga



Mexico City

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