Puebla, City of the Angels.

November 2015

Have you heard about Puebla, the city of angels?

Puebla, the city of the angels, excellent mixture between modernity and history, that has involved the city over the past centuries, tall buildings, neoclassic and baroque churches, stoned paths and the main stores with artists that sell their pieces in the city markets, all that is Puebla.

The city has two environments in the same space, which pleases all the tastes and needs, is beautiful, fresh, moderns and full with grace and history. On its streets legends walk, like that about- Malinche- o another about- Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl. Filled with tourists that come from over to witness the magic essence of Puebla.

Beautiful pictures from a thousand colored walls, the candy alley with cities filled with plumed angels, a proper symbol of the land they watch over. The –talavera- material that creates jars flowerpots, crockery or a complete house. Puebla is Puebla; do not let me to tell you, come and see it for yourself and enjoy it. Is the City of the Angels, of the churches, if the candies, of talavera and great people and some other things you will love.



Carolina Duarte

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