Tours in Costa Rica a perfect destination in South America

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If you are looking for the perfect destination to spend your next vacation, Costa Rica has it all. Here you will find the best tours in Costa Rica and other places you can´t miss during your stay in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica has a huge territory, its capital is San Jose, and due to its rich variety of flora and fauna, which represents 5% of all biodiversity in the world, you can find beautiful landscapes, and enjoy incredible tours in Costa Rica

Meet the beautiful and numerous beaches of Costa Rica, such as the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, visit the national parks and enjoy many activities that you can do in our tours in Costa Rica.

tours in costa rica

Discover and enjoy tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a magnificent geography, as it has areas with an altitude between 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level. which gives the opportunity to find beautiful forested areas throughout the territory. It also has long coasts, both in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and a great variety of rivers to enjoy kayaking adventures and the best tours in Costa Rica.

To enjoy Costa Rica to the fullest, it is necessary to know its climate. In general it is considered pleasant in the dry season from December to April, and also in the rainy season, from May to November, The average temperature is 22º C. Due to the geographical location, climatic conditions, formation of mountain ranges, and valleys, you can enjoy the diversity of vegetation. The climate is an important factor to consider when it comes to tours in Costa Rica, because the weather allows you to enjoy the whole territory to a great extent.

Ecotourism and tours in Costa Rica

Within Costa Rica ecotourism is something very common, since tourists come to visit the national parks and protected areas that this beautiful country has. To enjoy ecotourism at its best, choosing one of the tours in Costa Rica is key, since this country is a pioneer in this type of tourism, besides being one of the few that has a true ecotourism. That makes us one of the best destinations for ecotourism and incredible tours in Costa Rica.

Beaches in Costa Rica

One of the favorite places to spend your vacation in Costa Rica is undoubtedly the beach, where you can find relaxation and at the same time adventure combined with sun and beach. You can see the amazing coast of the Pacific Ocean or enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea. There are approximately 600 beaches surrounding the territory of Costa Rica. 

You can enjoy the beach in Costa Rica as a way of recreation, sport or as a rest. Visit the Caribbean area and enjoy its wonderful white and black sand beaches, many of them ideal for sports like surfing or diving. You can also go for a walk along the seashore. On the Pacific coast there are resorts and here you can also surf or choose tours in Jacó.

Costa Rica volcanoes

Costa Rica has more than 200 volcanic formations, of which approximately 100 show signs of activity. Most of the volcanoes are located in the northern part of the country.

If you take one of the tours in Costa Rica, you cannot miss this tourist attraction. Volcanoes are a key part of Costa Rica's natural diversity. Due to the eruptions of some of these volcanoes, the land of Costa Rica is incredibly fertile and full of minerals that favor agriculture.

Some of the dormant volcanoes in Costa Rica are a key factor for tourism, as they are now national parks that allow us to do activities like hiking, rafting, sport fishing, surfing, paddle boating, swimming, kayaking, horseback riding, camping and mountain biking.

Just as there are a lot of inactive volcanoes, we can also find active volcanoes in Costa Rica, for example El Arenal, not long ago activities such as emanation of hot gases and clouds of steam were detected. Another volcano, and easily accessible is the Poas Volcano, which is located in the national park of the same name, and has an active crater, which has a boiling lake of acid. The best season for tours in Costa Rica to visit these volcanoes is during the months of May or November, the weather is perfect for these activities.


Why visit Costa Rica?

If you have already decided to travel to Costa Rica, but you still need a push to venture to discover this beautiful country, today we leave you some of the reasons why we consider that you should take tours in Costa Rica and visit its most outstanding attractions. 

In Costa Rica you will be able to see and enjoy a great biodiversity, since it is a privileged country in this sense. You will be able to see sloths, jaguars, armadillos or monkeys as well as incredible bird watching opportunities such as hummingbirds, toucans or even macaws in different parts of the country. In addition the country has more than 2,000 species of trees in the reserves and forests, as well as diverse flowers, especially orchids. 

On your trip to Costa Rica  you can find a great variety of beautiful beaches to enjoy with your family, or practice a sport like surfing or diving. Costa Rica's beaches are one of the main attractions. Visit the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea, or spend the afternoon on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Contrary to what many people think, Costa Rica's beaches are perfect for relaxing on any of the tours in Costa Rica that you choose.

When you think of Costa Rica, maybe you think of sports like canopy, surfing, or trekking, without a doubt this is the ideal place for ecotourism and also this type of sports, because the environment and natural spaces are  ideal for these practices.

The gastronom is something you will enjoy when visiting Costa Rica, the Gallo Pinto is one of the typical foods in addition to the great variety of ceviches and seafood due to the amount of coasts that surround this amazing country.


Get to know Alajuela, Costa Rica

Alajuela is one of the largest districts of Costa Rica, located west of the capital, San José. It is one of the parts of the Greater Metropolitan Areas. To know Alajuela and enjoy all its attractions we recommend one of the tours in Alajuela, where you can see the most emblematic corners and places of this beautiful city.

The city of Alajuela preserves a historic center of the nineteenth century. By taking the tours in Alajuela you will be able to know some of the historic buildings such as the Central Park, the Stone Bridge over Río Grande, the Cathedral of Alajuela; as well as learn about the history while you take a walk through the center of the city. 

If we talk about gastronomy, you can not take the tours in Alajuela without trying one of the most iconic dishes of this beautiful city, the Lizano Sauce, in this city you will find different options to taste the Costa Rican gastronomy and then try an ice cream in a popular sorbetería: Soda la Torcaz.

On your visit to Costa Rica, you should consider the tours in Alajuela to get to see more about the real Costa Rican culture, as well as emblematic sites and typical foods of the region that will delight you.


Visit Jacó, a small town in Costa Rica

Another of the attractions and places to visit in Costa Rica, is the small but beautiful city of Jacó in Costa Rica, is a city with just over 10,000 habitants. If you want to see a beautiful beach for surfing, you can not miss the tours in Jacó. This will also allow you to see the amazing mountains that surround this city, and 5 minutes from downtown Jacó, there is a theme park that you will enjoy, it has the characteristic of bringing sustainability to the area of Jacó. 

If you decide to take one of the tours in Jacó, you will realize that this is the place, in a way partying and carefree, its people are friendly, the nightlife is very lively, definitely to have a good time.

Within the tours in Jacó you have the opportunity to choose activities such as deep sea fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, boating, rafting and much more. The adventure is in the tours in Jacó, so this stop is a must if you want to have fun.


National Park Manuel Antonio

One of the attractions that you cannot miss during your stay in Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National Park, very close to Jacó (just over an hour by car). This is perhaps one of the most popular national parks in Costa Rica, so we recommend taking one of the tours in Manuel Antonio.

Visit this beautiful place and get to know Manuel Antonio beach, with amazing white sand and, no doubt, the most beautiful beach in the park. On the tours in Manuel Antonio you can snorkel, as there are several beaches for this activity, or simply cool off by diving into the sea.

On the tours in Manuel Antonio you will understand the great variety of wildlife that exists in Costa Rica, with more than 126,000 acres of ocean and approximately 1,700 acres of land in the National Park Manuel Antonio.


Don´t miss tours in La Fortuna

Another city that you can not miss, belonging to Alajuela, located north of Costa Rica, has beautiful landscapes of forests, where you can perform activities and take tours in La Fortuna to do activities such as canopy, rafting, bird watching, fishing or hiking. With the tours in La Fortuna you must visit the hot springs and the Arenal Volcano.

This city is considered one of the most important for tourists to enjoy adventure in Costa Rica. Adrenaline will be something that you will not be missing when taking one of the tours in La Fortuna. Among the most adrenaline activities are rappelling down waterfalls and canyons in the middle of the jungle.

If you want to try other types of activities, in La Fortuna you will find a botanical garden considered world class.

In the tours in La Fortuna you can visit the hanging bridges, the Arenak Dam, as well as the agricultural activities carried out in this region where papaya, ginger, sugar cane and pineapple are grown, among other things. Definitely another must-see on your visit to Costa Rica and the tours in La Fortuna.


Get to know and enjoy tours in San José, Costa Rica

San José is the capital of Costa Rica and is located in the center of the country. This city has approximately 3,000,000 inhabitants and is the most important city in the country as it is the political, economic and social center. 

Choosing tours in San Jose to visit this city is one of the best options, since this city is considered one of the largest tourist capitals in Central America. 

The tours in San Jose will allow you to know first hand and up close the lifestyle of this huge and magnificent city. From museums, large shopping malls, colorful markets, as well as restaurants and bars with a good atmosphere in terms of nightlife.

The city of San Jose is surrounded by forests and, in a way, serves as a hub for the rest of the country. When visiting and touring San Jose, you should consider that the downtown, although small, is one of the most frequented places, so there is always a lot of noise and movement, so we recommend to know the whole area by walking. 

Whether to visit quickly or to stay, we highly recommend getting to know the Costa Rican capital with one of the tours in San Jose, this will allow you to know the rhythm of life and the cultural diversity it has.


Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Tamarindo is a district located in Guanacaste and lies to the west bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Tamarindo is a fishing village, and currently one of the most developed tourist communities in Costa Rica. 

When taking tours in Tamarindo you can find activities such as surfing, kayaking, sailing, sport fishing, scuba diving or swimming in the sea. 

Visiting through tours in Tamarindo will allow you to know Tamarindo Beach, which is one of the most popular and renowned destinations in Costa Rica. It is located in the bay of Tamarindo. This beach is distinguished by its gentle waves, as well as crystal clear waters, a yellowish sand, beautifully lush vegetation and ample vegetation, as well as wildlife. 

Tours in Tamarindo are very common, since this place is a tourist destination with a modern development with paved streets for comfortable transit. In this beach there are so many activities to do and places to visit around town, that with tours in Tamarindo, time will probably be insufficient.

Tamarindo is a marvel to enjoy adventure, but it is also a tropical paradise full of serenity and tranquility. 

If you visit and take one of the tours in Tamarindo, you can't miss the National Marine Park, Las Baulas, where you will see the preservation of the natural beauty of the land and animal protection.


Tortuguero National Park

This park is located in the district of Colorado, and to the north is the town of Tortuguero. Taking one of the tours in Tortuguero will allow you to see one of the most beautiful natural spectacles, the most important green turtle nesting. While it is true that Costa Rica is a paradise and shelter for sea turtles, during various times of the year, different species of turtles nest. This activity occurs throughout the year. 

You cannot take one of the tours in Tortuguero without enjoying or living this beautiful experience, where the Tortuguero community plays a very important role in the preservation of sea turtles that are in danger of disappearing. In Tortuguero tours you can even find a museum with information about the species of turtles that nest there. 

The town has the same name as the National Park, this place is paradisiacal and perfect to take a boat ride to navigate through the Tortuguero's network of canals.

You will be able to enjoy tropical wildlife at its best, as you will travel through jungle areas by boat, where the trees are lifted from the swamps or mangroves. Undoubtedly the perfect place for tours in Tortuguero where you can enjoy bird watching or contemplate the variety and beauty of vegetation that exists in this space.

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